There is more than one Beach in Paradise. 


Culebra is an archipelago consisting of the main island and twenty-three smaller islands that lie off its coast. The largest of these cays are: Culebrita to the east, Cayo Norte to the northeast, and Cayo Luis Peña and Cayo Lobo to the west. The smaller islands include Cayo Ballena, Cayos Geniqui, Arrecife Culebrita, Las Hermanas, El Mono, Cayo Lobito, Cayo Botijuela, Alcarraza, Los Gemelos, and Piedra Steven. Islands in the archipelago are arid, meaning they have no rivers or streams.



Flamenco Beach

World RENOWNED Beauty

Flamenco Beach is considered the second most beautiful beach in the

world by Discover Channel and by far the most popular beach in Culebra.

Zoni "Nature Reserve"

Turtules Nest Here

Zoní Beach is as beautiful as Flamenco Beach in its white sands and clear waters. As opposed

to Flamenco, it’s less populated, therefore peaceful. While on the beach, be on the lookout for

turtle nesting sites. Zoní is home to nesting areas for Leatherback and Hawksbill turtles. 


Melones Beach

A Snorkeling sanctuary

At first glance, the coast of Melones beach does not seem like a typical Culebra beach.  But

don’t let yourself be fooled by its small shore of sand, rocks and coral. If you venture to walk

the shore, to your right hand side you could get to Tamarindo Beach

Dakity Nature Reserve

The Boaters Paradise

The southernmost of Culebra's beaches, Dakity and Soldier's Point are

very rocky, and probably best reached by Kayak.