Culebra Island consists of a number of extraordinary 'cays' and smaller Islands bordering its configuration of approximately 20 square miles.


Almost half of the Island being a sanctuary of wildlife and natural resources make of Culebra a favorite destination for nature lovers and visitors from all over the world. Flamenco Beach, recognized amongst the 'top 10' beaches in the world is just one of the many outstanding unspoiled sand strips that lay on its shore lines.

Transportation to and from the Island is available from Fajardo, San Juan and Isla Grande airports...

25 minute air rides, or Fajardo... a 12 minute air ride. Also from Fajardo, Puerto Rico's North East coast, Ferry services are available for passengers and cargo. New passenger ferry services from San Juan also available, a one-hour forty five minute boat ride. Culebra is for the whole family to enjoy and for the few who have the spirit to adventure into this pristine 'wild life' zone.